A Statement of Solidarity


I am deeply saddened and distressed by recent events highlighting the systemic racism, healthcare inequality, and discrimination that has led to the disproportionate suffering and death of so many black people across the world. I stand in solidarity with the black community and black medical professionals everywhere and renew my commitment to fighting all kinds of racism (subtle and not-so-subtle) and closing the gap of healthcare disparity. Your life matters. 

By 2050, more than 50% of the US population will have skin of color. This is already the case in California. Many dermatologic diseases are unique to or more common in melanin-rich skin. Other diseases may present differently in melanin-rich skin or require a modified treatment approach. Dermatologic services offered at Skinstyle Dermatology are intentionally inclusive of the darkest skin types and include hard-to-find, safe and effective cosmetic laser and advanced scar treatments. 

As a dermatologist, I do not feel that it is an “extra” part of my job, but a “vital” part of my job to continually educate myself, my young children, and my community about systemic racism and healthcare inequality, as hard as having these conversations might be. I am a proud member of the Skin of Color Society. I will continue to attend protests and vigils in support of Black Lives Matter and the fight against systemic racism, especially healthcare disparities. I have been humbled and inspired by my colleagues’ powerful words and actions. Most importantly, I feel honored to have the opportunity to support the black community in their right to have beautiful, healthy skin and feel confident inside and out. I genuinely hope our article sheds some light on several common and important skin conditions affecting melanin-rich skin. I am in this ever-so-important fight for equality together with you, because underneath our skin, we are all the same. 

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