Different variations of oral supplements – both pills and liquids – have been popping up on the radar. They claim to have ingredients that repair and protect skin from the sun from the inside out.

With only 14.3% of men and 30% of women reporting they use sunscreen on a regular basis (according to a study released by the American Academy of Dermatology last year), Skinstyle sees the appeal of consuming a pill or yummy drink and thinking you are protected from the sun. But the truth is there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that these oral “sunscreens” do what they say they do – or what the potential side effects may be.

For right now, your safest bet is to stick to the old-fashioned methods: apply and reapply sunscreen, cover up during the hottest hours of the day and stay in the shade as much as possible. At Skinstyle, we use pure physical blockers that are neither greasy nor do they leave a white tint on the skin. Ask us for a sample next time you visit!

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