Ever heard the saying, “you are what you eat?” Well, the same goes for your skin!

Load up on antioxidant rich foods packed with vitamin A (ex. almond butter, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, and swiss chard) and vitamin C (kale, broccoli, citrus fruits) which help to protect skin against damaging free radicals caused by the environment.

Enjoy the anti-inflammatory, skin strengthening benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids (ex. salmon, chia seeds, walnuts, and flaxseed).

Got acne? Scientific studies have shown that a diet rich in lowglycemic index foods (multi-grain bread, rolled or steel-cut oats, sweet potatoes, barley, beans, vegetables, etc.) may improve acne via a variety of mechanisms, including effects on growth and sex hormone levels.

There might also be a weak link between acne and dairy intake, possibly the result of hormones and growth factors in milk, but more research is needed to know for sure. Just remember that changes to your diet are only one way of improving acne and other skin problems, and it may take a while to see results.

You are more likely to be successful if you use proven medical therapies at the same time!

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